Snappers & Tropical Selections

Every chef looks for something special, something exotic.
Kanaloa carries a large selection of Snapper and Tropical seafood, all caught in the most responsible manner, incredibly fresh and delicious. Contact us for a full list of available species.


Coryphaena hippurus

Meaning ‘very strong’ in Hawaiian, mahi-mahi is a sweet, pink-fleshed fish found in temperate and tropical waters worldwide. Most of Kanaloa’s mahi-mahi is from South America, and available most of the year. Although mahi-mahi is commonly known as dolphin-fish, it is not related to the mammal family of dolphins. Delicious when served with tropical flavors, including mango, pineapple and ginger, it is also a wonderful choice for grilling as the flesh becomes smoky and sweet.


Acanthocybium solanderi

Ono, which means “good” in Hawaiian, is also commonly seen on menus as wahoo, and has a light, sweet, melt-in-your-mouth flavor, with an iridescent loin that turns white when cooked. Kanaloa’s ono has a high oil content, is rich in protein, and delicious on the grill, pan sautéed, baked, or wrapped in paper and steamed. It pairs well with tropical flavors, such as mango and ginger, and holds glazes and marinades wonderfully. Wild caught worldwide in tropic and sub-tropic waters, our sustainably fished ono is available year round.

Ahi Tuna  

Thunnus albacares & Thunnus obesus

Our sashimi grade ahi tuna is wild caught off the coast of the Marshall Islands in the South Pacific. A favorite of sushi chefs around the world, its rich and meaty flavor is paired wonderfully with Asian inspired dishes. Ahi is easily recognizable by its deep reddish-purple marbled hue, which varies depending upon fat content. The fat actually enhances the flavor of the loin, which is also rich in protein, selenium, and vitamin B6. The sushi grade cut of an ahi loin doesn’t need to be cooked to bring out its flavor. Therefore, if you’re planning a meal of sashimi, this is the perfect choice. Our ahi is available year round, in either full loins or already sliced steaks.

Red Snapper from Florida and the Caribbean
New Zealand Tai
Parrot Fish
Hawaiian Monchong
Huachinango Snappers
Pompano, also known as Jack Trevally
Hebi, also known as Hawaiian Spearfish
Queen Snapper