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Kanaloa Seafood is a California Small Business of the Year

Kanaloa Seafood is proud to be honored as a California Small Business of the Year recipent at the 2014 Small Business Day Celebration at our state's Capitol.

In 1983, Randee and Don Disraeli decided to take the plunge into the seafood business, and created Kanaloa, a seafood sourcing, processing and distribution company focused on responsible environmental practices. Kanaloa Seafood is the first seafood company in North America to receive the prestigious environmental management certification from the International Organization of Standardization: ISO 14001. They were awarded this certification as a result of independent 3rd party audits that confirm their industry-leading environmental management practices. This certification demonstrates their deep commitment, and their continual pursuit of better, more ecologically and environmentally sound methods, practices, and materials throughout every aspect of their business.

The Disraelis have developed their company with a clear path and devotion to full-ecosystem evaluations.  You can see this not only by their products and auditing system, but also by the staff and company management.

The Disraelis were nominated for the California Small Business of the Year award by Asemblymember Das Williams (D--Santa Barbara) who presented Randee Disraeli with the award saying,

I applaud Kanaloa Seafood Market for their hard work, exemplary business practices and commitment to our community. They have demonstrated their deep commitment and their continual pursuit of better, more ecologically and environmentally sound practices in the global fishing industry throughout their many years of service.” 

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September 30, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterJohn Williams

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