Salmon & Trout

Salmon and Trout are always crowd-pleasers.  Kanaloa knows that chefs are always looking for a salmon that is not only bright and delicious, but has been caught or raised in pristine conditions. We source our wild salmon from fishermen and women who care about the future of our communities and environment.  Just the same, we source only farmed salmon from clean and sustainably managed farms.  Our attention to detail ensures all chefs have access to top quality, fresh and great tasting and sustainable salmon and trout year round.

Wester Ross Scottish Salmon

Salmo salar

Kanaloa is proud to feature Wester Ross hand reared salmon, raised in waters off the northwest Scottish Highlands. This salmon is hand-reared at the oldest independent salmon farm in Scotland.  It’s an all natural approach that ensures health of the fish and the community itself. The salmon is full bodied with a deep color. Simply beautiful for all types of cuisine, from roasting, poaching, curing or smoking to sashimi.




Atlantic Salmon  

Salmo salar

Kanaloa’s Atlantic salmon is farm raised at an all-natural, sustainable fishery in British Colombia. Salmon will take on the characteristics of its surrounding waters, and can therefore be crafted by farmers just like a fine wine. Our Atlantic salmon have been sustainably farmed to produce tender, coral flesh and a delicate yet savory taste, making this versatile fish delicious prepared a variety of ways and pairing well with a wide range of flavors.


Irish Organic Salmon (Irish Coast)

Salmo salar

With a thick, sweet and fatty fillet, Kanaloa’s Irish salmon is a milder version of its Scottish counterpart. Caught through a sustainable capture fishery off the coast of Ireland, with a huge stretch of ocean between it and the Americas, these salmon fillets are able to be certified organic because of their organic feed, the fishery’s prohibition of chemicals, and the exclusion of genetically modified organisms in the feed and stock. Our Irish salmon is the same species as both our Atlantic salmon and Scottish salmon, however the look and taste of the fish is significantly different. Salmon will take on the characteristics of the waters in which it lives, the most significant differences being size and taste. The farmers who sustainably reared our Irish salmon have crafted this fish to have a marbled, fatty flesh with a mild, sweet taste. This type of salmon is great for poaching, baking or broiling, and also tastes delicious with fresh herbs or sweet glazes. (available outside of CA and GA)

Wild Coho Salmon  

Oncorhynchus kisutch

Kanaloa’s wild caught coho salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, a great source of protein and vitamin B12, and is also high in selenium. The flavor of coho salmon is rich and its one of the more savory-tasting salmon species. The beautiful reddish-orange fillet is delicious prepared on the grill, baked or smoked in the oven, and even poached.

Pacific King Salmon / Chinook Salmon  

Oncorhynchus tshawytscha

Kanaloa’s wild caught Alaskan King Salmon is both delicious and healthy. King salmon is high in omega-3 fatty acids and protein, and has a rich, tangy flavor.

It pairs well with fragrant herbs such as dill, infused oils, and fresh vegetables.

Butterflied Rainbow Trout
Arctic Char
, also known as Omble Chevalier
Smoked Trout
and Smoked Trout Pate
Red Trout
Ocean Trout
Salmon Roe