ISO 14000 Certification Explained

Kanaloa and ISO seafood sourcing  

ISO 14001 is the world’s most recognized Environmental Management System (EMS) framework that helps organizations to both better manage the impact of their activities on the environment and demonstrate sound environmental management.  ISO 14001 is implemented by some 200,000 organizations in 155 countries, and in 2003 Kanaloa Seafood became the first seafood distributor in North America and Europe to become ISO 14001 certified, demonstrating our dedication to operating as an environmentally responsible business. 

Through implementing this EMS at Kanaloa, we have successfully improved our environmental performance by reducing our raw material/resources usage, energy consumption and waste generation, all the while improving process efficiency and utilizing recoverable resources. ISO 14001 addresses not only the environmental aspects of Kanaloa’s daily business processes, but also our product’s life cycle.  Therefore, both our suppliers and the course our seafood travels before it arrives at our facilities have met all conditions to quality as environmentally responsible under ISO’s requirements. 

Direct impact of ISO on our suppliers

Many of our suppliers are converting to gear designed to minimize impact on by-catch, sexually immature fish, turtles and sea birds. Additionally, they rotate wild fishing locations in order to avoid sensitive areas and prevent over-fishing. The farms we buy from are also held to high standards, and every element of operation taken into account, including feed, tank density and additives.

Continuous audits

The EMS framework is only of maximum benefit when properly implemented, and therefore in-depth independent audits take place at Kanaloa twice a year, ensuring our practices meet all necessary standards. 

During these audits, the entire impact of our company is inspected, with no feature overlooked.  Great attention is given to our energy and water usage, as well as the amount of waste generation and where that waste is finally deposited upon leaving our facilities.  In addition, the standards are set higher every year, and our certification is only renewed if our efficiency and business practices have consistently improved to further reduce our environmental footprint. 

On-going education

ISO also requires the continued education of not only our employees, but anyone directly involved with our business, which includes our customers.  We are dedicated to spreading the influence of ISO-based standards and work one-on-one with any of our customers to implement environmentally responsible programs of their own.  This way, more and more people are no longer part of the problem, and instead become part of the solution.

This certification allows us the capability to assess our environmental impact on a regional rather than global level.  Therefore, we are able to rigorously target specific areas that need improvement, and in doing so, creating long-term change.  This is the type of vehicle that will make a lasting difference.  Guidelines for sustainable seafood are not stringent enough to depend on, and there in no authority to ensure proper enforcement of business practices.  

What ISO means to you

When you buy from Kanaloa, there is no guessing as to the quality, freshness or environmentally responsible source of your seafood.  Through supporting our environmental initiatives, you’re also further ensuring the health of our planet and the sustenance of fish populations worldwide.