What is your return policy?

You do not need to check the items in front of the delivery person when the courier first delivers your boxes. They are not aware of the contents. Please check the items carefully as quickly as is reasonable for you or your staff. If you have a question, please call Kanaloa and advise us of the situation so we may rectify the problem as quickly as possible.

Due to Kanaloa Seafood’s strict quality controls, custom cuts, and good communication with our customers we have been able to maintain a very low rate of returns (less than ½% of gross sales). But, we are human and mistakes can happen. In the event that you do have a problem with an item in your shipment, Kanaloa Seafood requires notification within 24 hours for full credit.

We take all comments and suggestions from our customers seriously as a way to improve our standards in order to serve you better. To enhance our ISO certification and maintain our current high standards of record keeping, it usually requires that we get back products returned. We can then take your comments in context and improve our level of quality and service. In many instances we will return the product to our suppliers to keep them accountable for the products and so they can learn from their mistakes as well.

Generally, we will need to have the product shipped back to our processing plant. If this is necessary please place the product back in the box in which it was shipped or another insulated box along with frozen gel packs (or wet ice – double sealed if frozen gel packs are not available). We would appreciate the same care in repacking the product as we had in packing the original container. The products have to travel a long way and we don’t want the boxes leaking or getting warm along the way. A different delivery person will pick up the box later in the day (usually between 3:00 and 5:00). 

Can Kanaloa assist me in creating an environmental program within my business? 

Yes, we are always eager to collaborate with any of our customers in creating and implementing all types of successful environmental programs.  We are fully qualified to competently assist you in training your staff, or creating menus based on an environmentally responsible seafood platform.

Do you carry seasonal specialties?

Kanaloa seafood carries a full seasonal selection of fresh, sustainable and responsibly sourced seafood products.  While we regularly stock the most popular items, we have many seasonal species and specialty products available.  Call us for availability and pricing.

How is your product shipped?

Kanaloa understand that commitment to the environment doesn't stop port -side.  We ship our fish in eco-packaging.  Details of the 4-step shipping process can be found here.

What region do you serve?

Kanaloa seafood is a wholesale seafood provider delivering fresh, sustainable and responsibly sourced seafood to kitchens across the country. We ship our seafood, in eco-packaging, Monday through Friday.  Please place your order by noon local time to ensure we have the time to carefully pack your order.

Call (805) 966-5159
 to place your order

Do you carry specialty items, caviar, smoked or cured products?

Kanaloa carries an extensive selection of specialty, smoked, cured and caviar products.  From pickled herring to osetra caviar, live abalone to octopus, Kanaloa has something every chef is looking for.

Can I schedule a visit to your warehouse?

Our warehouse and processing plant is located in Santa Barbara, California. Everyone is welcome to stop by our Santa Barbara retail location and take a peek into the plant, or if you a chef or procurement manager, give us a call and we can schedule a formal tour.

Our retail locations are open to the public.

Kanaloa maintains an open door policy to customers and encourages personal visits and inspections.

Why should I buy from Kanaloa? 

At Kanaloa, we depend on firsthand research to determine which species to source from which fisheries in order to best fit our goal of providing you with the highest quality, global seafood. Our scientific expertise guarantees our products are sourced from environmentally responsible fisheries and meet or exceed our high standards for quality. We have fish sourced from all over the world, which ensures a wide variety of species available in both large and small volume. Our expert fish cutters will custom butcher each order per your exact specifications, and your order will be overnighted in environmentally friendly packaging and kept cold using food safe gel packs. It all adds up to the highest quality seafood available at a competitive price

How can Kanaloa’s purchasing style affect my food cost?

We offer multiple sources of each species and always buy where quality and price are optimum.  Our philosophy is based on a traditional Japanese premise of reducing waste by butchering our fish exactly per our customer’s specifications. Everything is prepared for actual application, either center of the plate or by product, which increases efficiency and lowers your purchasing costs. Our program relies on great communication between you, our staff, and our fishers. Fish are caught and harvested to your needs, insuring that you will receive the highest quality seafood your customers demand.  Because product isn’t sitting on-site, and instead is continually replenished, our prices vary according to where and when the product is sourced. 

Over the long term, this is the most cost efficient form of food purchasing.

How do I know Kanaloa’s seafood is the freshest I can buy?

We hold our global suppliers to the most stringent standards. Only products that meet these rigorous specifications will be accepted at our facility. On site processing and shipping methods are researched, tracked and updated regularly. The result? Shelf life starts at your restaurant rather than at the distributor.

Is Kanaloa a good place to one-stop-shop?

Yes.  One phone call opens you to a global network of suppliers, an extensive product line and expert customer service.  The time and money you save makes Kanaloa the ideal single source for global premium seafood.