Kanaloa Seafood shrimp sourcing

Kanaloa Seafood is committed to sustainable and responsible product sourcing, which means we purchase shrimp from fishermen who actively work to reduce their environmental impact and share our same concerns.

We audit our Mexican wild shrimp suppliers to ensure they are:

  • In strict compliance with all US and Mexican environmental laws and regulations
  • Engaged in voluntary efforts to improve their fishing practices and methods
  • Employ measures to reduce by-catch
  • Reduce habitat damage and environmental impact
  • Supplying healthy, wild shrimp which are low in mercury, low in fat and are simply delicious.

A wide variety of farmed shrimp are available on the market today, and Kanaloa knows how important it is to work with shrimp farmers closely to ensure their accountability.  Shrimp farm can cause significant environmental degradation and are generally cause for concern. However, Kanaloa actively engages shrimp farms and performs inclusive environmental audits to ensure that their practices are not detrimental or causing significant environmental impacts.

Kanaloa seafood’s farmed shrimp sourcing includes the following:

  • Kanaloa sources only BAP certified farmed shrimp; no mangrove forest destruction is allowed
  • Monitored feed management: monitored on a daily basis, fed only to requirements, no over feeding
  • Water quality management: use of probiotics and natural algae blooms to maintain balance
  • No allowed use of antibiotics
  • Waste management practices: evaluation of methods used to harvest waste and transfer it to a landfill or use it for fertilizer.