Salmon Sourcing

Kina’ole is integrated into our environmentally responsible business practice goals that include: reducing natural resource consumption, contributing to long-term fishery and ocean well-being, and promising social responsibility to the communities we depend upon for resources. 

As the only ISO 14001 Certified seafood company in North America, we address not only the environmental aspects of our processes in Santa Barbara, but also those of our products and services

Kanaloa Sustainable Farmed Salmon Guidlines

Kanaloa’s sources manage beyond the individual farm and supervise the entire fjord/loch system strategically to prevent:

  • Cross-breeding between wild and farmed population
  • Nitrogen accumulation
  • Disease and infection

Kanaloa’s sources use vaccines that regulators have deemed free of risk to operators, consumers, and fish.

Kanaloa’s sources do not use antibiotics to promote fish growth.

Kanaloa’s sources reduce the use of fishmeal by formulating diets high in vegetable products, the fish component primarily comes from southern hemisphere by-catch and fish processing by-products.

Kanaloa’s sources use good animal husbandry practices that reduce stress on fish and result in a higher-quality product.