Chef Specialties

One of the few things that top chefs can agree on is the importance of the freshness of seafood. When only the best will do, those same demanding chefs turn to Kanaloa for an extensive selection of the best quality and freshest specialty seafood products available.

While many chefs may depend on Kanaloa for their regular menu offering, every chef likes to bring in something different for events, specials or just for fun.  Because Kanaloa sources specialty products year-round, chefs can rely on Kanaloa for the highest quality items that make their cuisine shine.  

Whether you call your fish John Dory or St. Pierre, Lotte or Monkfish, or even if Loup de Mer is known as Mediterranean Sea Bass in your kitchen, Kanaloa has an extensive seafood portfolio that will enhance your menu.


Black Cod

Notothenia microlepidota 

Also sablefish, butterfish

This delicious fish has an incredibly buttery and rich taste with a soft flakey texture. Because of its high oil content, black cod has an especially high level of desirable omega-3 fatty acids. Fished along the Pacific West Coast, from southern California to Alaska, it is available year round. Often accompanied by miso in gourmet restaurants, it is also a perfect choice when grilling a whole fish.


Loup de Mer

Anarhichas lupus

Also known as branzino and Mediterranean sea bass, loup de mer translates to ‘wolf of the sea,’ and has a long history as a prized catch of the Mediterranean. Kanaloa’s loup de mer is harvested from a sustainable and environmentally conscious fishery that holds high standards for the quality and freshness of their fish. Loup de mer is a wonderful choice when grilling whole fish, and Kanaloa’s expert fish cutters can butterfly a whole fillet to suit your needs. This delicious fish can also be filleted for sushi use, as the high oil content and firm white flesh make for excellent sashimi.


Stiped Bass

Morone saxatilis x Morone chrysop

Kanaloa’s striped bass is a mild, white fish, with a relatively firm texture and fairly high oil content. Kanaloa’s striped bass is a great option for sushi and is delicious when eaten raw. It is also the perfect size for stuffing and grilling whole, and can be substituted in any recipe that calls for a subtly flavored white fish. Our striped bass is a hybrid of saltwater and freshwater, a cross between striped bass and white bass, which increases the delicacy of its taste and texture. All our striped bass is farmed at a sustainable fishery in Texas that holds high standards in consistent quality and freshness.


California Halibut

Paralichthys californicus

Local California halibut is a delicious and mild tasting white fish, with a firm fillet and medium to low oil content. It is a favorite of chefs for stews, ceviche, or carpaccio, and is wonderful to grill, steam, bake or broil…the possibilities are endless! Kanaloa’s California Halibut is line-caught in the waters between San Francisco and Baja California from November to July. Halibut are known as “flat-fish,” because they swim on their side and lie flat on the ocean floor. This gives the fillet a great, flat shape, making it very versatile for all cooking methods!


Live Maine Lobster

Kanaloa’s live Maine lobsters are perfect for clambakes, chowders, or just a special dinner at home. With sweet and juicy meat, these lobsters are delicious with butter, fresh herbs and white wine reductions. The possibilities of preparing lobster are endless, but they are most popular boiled, steamed, or grilled.

Note: Kanaloa guarantees that all lobsters leave our facilities alive after having been purged of impurities in our live tanks. However, sometimes a lobster may not be alive upon arrival at your home. Please be aware that these lobsters are still perfectly fine to consume. If you have any questions or concerns upon receiving your lobsters, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Western Australian Lobster Tails

Lobster tails have long been considered a seafood delicacy, and Kanaloa’s West Australian Lobster tails are unmatched in their quality and taste. With a white, firm flesh and sweet, buttery taste, these lobsters are delicious grilled, poached, broiled or baked. Caught in the waters off the coast of western Australia and flash frozen to ensure freshness, these lobster tails are available year round.




New Zealand Mussles

Perna canaliculus

With a beautiful black shell and green lip accent, these mussels are a delicious and aesthetic addition to seafood stews, soups or paella. They are also wonderful when steamed or sautéed and pair extremely well with fresh herbs, garlic, savory broths and white wines. These mussels are generally 3” in length and yield 12-25 to a pound.



Kanaloa’s sea scallops are the perfect combination of salty and sweet. Our scallops are generally hand harvested at a sustainable, near-shore fishery. With juicy and succulent meat that sears perfectly on a hot skillet, these scallops are the perfect accompaniment to rice, greens or pasta. Scallops also pair wonderfully with fresh herbs, hot spices and citrus flavors.