We all have our favorites when it comes to seafood. From a fresh sole simply prepared with browned butter and lemon, to exotic tropical snappers spiced with lively Caribbean flavors, Kanaloa Seafood has exactly what you need.

Here is a few of the most popular products Kanaloa has on offer. Contact us for a full list of available species.


Thunnus alalunga

Albacore tuna, also called tombo, is a species smaller in size than ahi, but with a similar texture and lighter taste. Albacore is a popular choice for sashimi, yet is also delicious when fully cooked. It is commonly used in Asian and South Pacific cuisine, and tastes great when grilled, seared, or eaten raw. Kanaloa’s albacore is sustainably fished in the waters off Fiji and Hawaii with a minimum catch-weight requirement to ensure only mature fish are caught.


Alaskan Halibut

Hippoglossus stenolepsis

Alaskan Halibut is one of our best sellers, loved for its light, mild flavor and thick steak. Its dense and firm texture makes it a very versatile fish when it comes to preparation, and it can easily be baked, broiled, poached, grilled or steamed. Hook and line caught off the Alaskan coast, halibut is low in sodium and saturated fat, with high levels of selenium and protein. It pairs great with fresh herbs, infused oils, lemon, and cream sauces.



Blue Point Oysters

Crassostrea virginica

 With a sweet, briny taste and creamy texture, these oysters are known as the great American oyster, and are the perfect addition to make any meal special.  Blue Point oysters are delicious when paired with lemon and white wine. They are sustainably farmed at Diamond Point in Long Island, New York and available year round.


Pacific King Salmon / Chinook Salmon

Oncorhynchus tshawytscha

One of seven species of salmon, Pacific King or Chinook Salmon is the largest, with some individuals topping 100 lbs. The high oil content of King Salmon gives the flesh a rich buttery taste, with a moist silky texture. The salmon fisheries of the Pacific Northwest are managed cooperatively between the United States and Canada under the terms of the Pacific Salmon Treaty. Aggressive fishery management tools being employed include size limits, season length, quotas and gear restrictions. Fresh Kanaloa King salmon originates only in the certified sustainable fisheries of the pacific northwest.


Red Grouper

Epinephelus morio

Kanaloa’s red grouper is caught year round near the Yucatan Peninsula in the Mayan Preserve. Its taste and texture is quite similar to that of its close relative pink grouper, meaning it has a very firm texture and a heavy flake. Grouper is known throughout the culinary world as the least fishy-tasting fish, and holds the flavor of accompanying seasonings very well.



Xiphias gladius

Swordfish are highly migratory fish, and therefore caught worldwide throughout the year. The loin of swordfish is sweet, light cream to pink in color, and has a very firm texture. The oil content ranges from medium to high (depending on the loin), which keeps the flesh moist after it’s cooked. Swordfish is delicious when charred on the grill and pairs deliciously with Asian or Latin American inspired flavors.
Kanaloa’s expert fish cutters can pre-slice our swordfish into steaks for you, or we can send you a full loin portion. The choice is yours!


White Seabass

Atractoscion nobilis

Kanaloa’s wild white sea bass is fished in the Pacific waters stretching from southern California down to Baja California. The flesh of white sea bass is quite firm and will usually flake into large pieces upon being cooked. Common ways of preparing white sea bass include baking, poaching and broiling, and it pairs wonderfully with infused oils, fresh herbs and white wines.