Eco packaging


Kanaloa stems from the Hawaiian word, Kina’ole, which means “doing the right thing, in the right way, at the right time, in the right place, to the right person, for the right reason, with the right feeling…the first time.”

At Kanaloa we take our commitment to sustainability right down to our packaging.  

Its true, polystyrene is light, and a good insulator. It’s also relatively cheap, which is why so much fish gets packaged or shipped in it. However, given that it takes 500 years for a single polystyrene cup to degrade, Kanaloa has taken the lead in the seafood industry by being truly responsible shippers. We employ only state of the art, environmentally friendly packing materials and processes. This means no-polystyrene.

At Kanaloa we understand real change is about real commitment, not just rhetoric.

The 4-step process we use to pack your fish:

1. Before boxing, we vacuum seal the fish using a special permeable plastic scientifically designed to prevent bacterial growth.

2.  Next, we surround the fish with eco-friendly gel packs. Unlike most cold gel which is highly toxic, our packs use specially formulated gel that is completely non-toxic to seabirds and other scavengers.

3.  Then we nestle the vacuum-sealed fish along and gel packs with an oxygen filled, biodegradable, insulating blanket for maximum temperature control. No messy, difficult to recycle and impossible to degrade polystyrene peanuts.

4.  The fish, now sealed and wrapped in its own insulating blanket, goes into a double-walled, insulated, entirely recyclable corrugated box, ensuring that when your fish arrives it will be fresh enough to make a sailor blush.


Kanaloa is the only International Organization of Standards 14001 certified fish-company in North America, which means you count on Kanaloa’s commitment to sustainability.